Our History - From the beginnings till tomorrow.

NextHistoryOur History - From the beginnings till tomorrow. Our secret? Relationships of one person to another, diligence, honesty and much lifeblood. All these are things that mean a lot to senior owner Georg Nolte to the day. Things that his grandfather has given him to take along. His name was Georg, too, and he produced polishing discs in Rheda-Wiedenbrück from 1923. In 1932 he took over the Westphalian Furniture Factory in Delbrück. The cornerstone for a furniture dynasty was laid. A second plant in Brilon was added in 1937.

Georg Nolte had three sons. Konrad, the eldest, had inherited the entrepreneurial spirit of his father. As the “Henry Ford of the furniture industry” he introduced assembly line production at the end of the 1940s and this way revolutionised this branch of trade. The spirit for change and innovative strength are amongst our strong points even today.

In 1955 Konrad Nolte founded the furniture production in Germersheim, followed in 1958 by Nolte Küchen. Everything started in rented premises, with 60 staff at the time. Today we are Germany’s second largest kitchen brand with around 1.100 employees and we have extended production to our site in Melle.

For our 50th anniversary we ventured for a spectacular fresh start and switched the whole production over to the grid MATRIX 150. In order to do this 50 machines had to be taken down, loaded on trucks and set up again at the new site. The reward for this was a harmonious, ergonomic design with more storage space, resulting in on-going benefits for you.

Our company is still family owned. Georg Nolte has two children: Maren Schmitt- Nolte and Georg Konrad Nolte. Traditions are held in high esteem – the name giving alone is proof of that. Whilst the fifth generation is growing up we stick to tried and tested principles. This will help us secure the future. We take responsibility for our staff, for the environment and for society and in doing so always have you in our sights as well. And Germany will remain the only place where we manufacture.

Our Philosophy - What makes us special.

Our kitchens are as individual as their owners. Here, you will find your dream kitchen: suiting the room, suiting your budget and completely tailored to your taste and personal requirements. Be it classic or modern, matt or high-gloss, small or large – we would not be Germany’s second biggest kitchen brand if we could not live up to your expectations! It is not without reason that we export to over 50 countries worldwide, too, whilst producing solely in Germany.